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Bottle Necker Designs for Differentiation

Posted on | April 2, 2014Comments Off

As seen on HSN, Whip-It Miracle Cleaner, is one of the many earth-friendly cleaning products coming out of WHIP-IT INVENTIONS. Because of our long-standing relationship, Whip-It CEO, John Alessi contacted me to find a solution to one of their major challenges – buyers were having a hard time understanding the difference between the concentrate and non concentrate. The bottle necker solution is a perfect way to bring attention to a product in a competitive environment. Coming soon to a Bed, Bath and Beyond near you.

Breaking into the Latino Market

Posted on | March 2, 2014Comments Off

Over the past six months I worked with a talented translation team out of Miami, Florida to produce the Andersen Material Handling spanish version website.

Andersen has a Florida division based out of Deerfield Beach, FL that services most of south Florida. But there are other markets to tap into, like the Caribbean and parts of Latin America as well. Plus, there are spanish-speaking stateside buyers in south Florida who find and purchase material handling products for Latin American clients. So there’s a lot of activity and opportunities in local and international markets for Andersen. And, the next best thing to having a physical presence in a market is to obviously create a virtual brand and sales point on the internet.

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